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The Bell of Woes is an artifact captured by the Hand and placed in the vaults beneath their compound in Telen for safekeeping.  It is bright, polished bronze bell, weighing over a ton and suspended from a frame of blackened oak, as though the frame survived a fire of some sort.  There is no clapper in the Bell.  If it is to be rung, it must be struck by a mallet or other implement.

Legend has it the Bell possesses two main properties.  First, it will ring when a disaster is happening.  Earthquake, volcano, widespread floods, rains of fire, or similar events involving massive loss of life and/or property.  It is unclear whether warfare counts as a “disaster” by the rules of the Bell.  The disaster in question must occur within a few hundred miles for the Bell to register the event.

The second ability is precisely the reverse.  By ringing the Bell, a disaster occurs within a few hundred miles.