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Demons are a class of creature typically found in the primal chaos beyond the world.  These entities—at least, when they are manifest in or near a world—take on a variety of shapes in various sizes.  It is unknown if they take on shapes due to proximity to a world or if they choose to adopt a form to mimic what they see.  They range from near-mindless predators to fiendishly intelligent possessing spirits.  They are all vulnerable to sunlight and, if intelligent, actively avoid it.  Demons have a fascination with the physical world and can often be found at the edge of the universe, trying to peer in.

Typically, Karvalen magic-workers summon these entities to perform unpleasant or difficult tasks, from things as mundane as lifting and placing heavy stones to as complicated as assassinating their enemies.  In most kingdoms, there are laws either forbidding the summoning of demons or strictly limiting the circumstances.  It is universally considered unwise, impolite, and dangerous to summon any creature of the void.

Demons are sometimes summoned by individuals with minimal magical training through a pact or binding, making a bargain with a mortal in exchange for power.  Such entities are often at the higher end of demonic intelligence.  The bargainer normally gains a single magical ability—turning lead to gold, projecting fire from the hands, flight, invulnerability to normal weapons, a voice to charm any listener, et al.—and is regarded as a sorcerer (hekar).  When the sorcerer dies, the demon, having been summoned and taken up residence within the flesh of the summoner, is then free to emerge from the corpse and roam the world, doing whatever such a creature might choose to do.