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Dated at or around 1610 AD, the portrait was done by one Francisco Lopez at the behest of the Baroness, Sasha de Aixirivall.  Originally displayed in the manor house overlooking the village of Aixirivall, in the Andorran region of the Pyrenees, the Baronet had it removed in 1619 to a small estate in Sicily along with several other artworks.

In 1622, when the villagers rioted and burned down the manor, the Baronet was killed in the fighting.  The lady Sasha, however, fled the region and took up residence at their estate in Sicily.  The painting remained there with the lady Sasha for some time.  It was lost in transit to Paris in 1814, stolen with other artwork, and resold a number of times until located in San Francisco, California, and reclaimed in April of 1906.  The fatalities involved in its recovery were blamed on the earthquake.  The painting remained in her possession until the late twentieth century and was presumed lost in the destruction of a Pennsylvania estate.