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Rethven was a kingdom in the western territories of the central continent.  It’s capitol was Carrillon, near the middle of the southern coast of the kingdom, at the mouth of the Dormer river.  Originally a feudal monarchy, it was overthrown due to a lack of clear succession and machinations of the Church of Light.  The collapse of the kingdom reduced it to a number of warring states.  Some of these states claimed to be the “rightful” kingdom of Rethven, while others merely maintained their independence from outside authority.

While some consolidation of the former kingdom did occur during the interregnum, the reintegration of all the former territories of Rethven did not occur until the Demon King came to power.  A direct, military campaign ensued, forcing some of the more indomitable states into submission and intimidating lesser states into capitulation.  The kingdom was then known as “Karvalen,” rather than “Rethven.”