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Sasha is a female vampire and Eric’s progenitor.  Her mortal origins are presently unknown, but we infer she was chosen by an ancient vampire several centuries ago.  Physically, she appears well-toned and buxom, with black hair and a wide smile.  Emotionally, she seems somewhat unstable, being slightly obsessed with her own progenitor, a man whom–according to Sasha–Eric strongly resembles.  This resemblance is what led her to change Eric into a vampire.

Sasha is, at best, a minor wizardess, but went to great lengths to preserve or recover all the artifacts of her previous lover as possible, including his portrait, sword, and some of his grimoires.  Eric’s introduction to the magical arts came from those books.

Her influence also prompted Eric to take swordsmanship seriously.  Originally a minor dabbler in the art of the sword, Sasha convinced him to train in earnest, claiming it was a vital skill in any age.  While not mentioned in Eric’s memoirs, she once told him, “Swordsmanship is a noble art, and worthy of serious study.  Even if carrying swords is frowned upon today, the skill of beating someone to death with a long stick is useful more often than you might think.”