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Sicaricudo, loosely translated into English, is “Kill the Assassins.”  Broadly speaking, sicaricudo is a game.  Played in its original form, it consists of two or more teams of three, each consisting of a “king” and two “knights.”  The objective of the game is to be the last team alive in the playing area with a “live” king.  In general, that is the sum of the rules.  However, it is often accepted that it is unsportsmanlike to actively attempt to kill other players.  It is never played without multiple healers on hot standby.

The game was developed as a training tool for Knights of Shadow, religious troops in the service of the Lord of Shadow.  It served not only as a training tool for teamwork, tactics, and martial skill, but as a test of strength and fortitude.  Typically, a knight-trainee is not permitted to play until his sponsors regard him as sufficiently skilled with his chosen weapons.  This is not for his safety, but for the safety of his fellow players.  While it is not unheard-of for a player to be instantly killed by a blow on the sicaricudo field, it is not considered an ideal outcome, so a certain level of proficiency is required to minimize accidents.

The game was originally played without armor, using blunted swords.  The theory was that incurring actual injury was desirable in a training scenario.  By suffering sprains, strains, blood loss, and broken bones, the training of sicaricudo players more accurately reflected the actual conditions of combat.  King Halar the Undying, however, insisted on the use of minimal protective gear–in this case, helmets–as a mark of esteem in which he held his knights.  Over time, sicaricudo has evolved to encompass several options, including the use of full armor and a wide variety of weapons, making it a popular spectator sport.  The Temple of Shadow, however, continues to use the original, largely-unarmored mode of play, preferring to incorporate injury as a learning tool for its warriors.