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Wilson Travis Barret, commonly called “Travis,” is one of Eric’s best friends from his mortal days.  He stands slightly under six feet and is both broad of shoulder and wide of smile.  His occupation is that of nurse at the Williamsport Hospital, usually in their nuclear medicine department.  Travis and Eric have been friends since grade school, getting into and out of trouble together, sharing homework, bicycles, cars, and, briefly, an apartment.  While some friendships can tolerate such close proximity, they decided not to continue straining theirs with differing views on dirty socks, dishes, and housekeeping.

Travis is the only person Eric turned to when he needed someone for moral support and advice.  He is also the only mortal in whom Eric confided regarding his state of vampirism.  The two of them began a preliminary examination of the early stages of a vampire transformation, but their researches were interrupted by an attack from agents of the Hand, an organizational unit within the Church of Light.  Afterward, Eric distanced himself from his mortal friends, hoping his absence would lead the Hand to lose interest in them.

Travis lived a long life after Eric’s disappearance.  Presumably, he remained in the same general area for most of it.  Later, when Eric returned to the remains of Sasha’s ranch house, he found an overgrown headstone in the back yard, purporting to mark Travis’ grave.