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Vathula is the renamed city of Eastgate, after its taking and occupation by the races of the Eastrange.

Set near the middle of the north-south mountain range called the Eastrange, Vathula occupies the western mouth of the Great Pass.  It’s position as a portal city between those portions of Karvalen on either side of the Eastrange, as well as a diplomatic and trade center between humans and the various races occupying the Eastrange, make it quite powerful.  It is also a heavily fortified position, especially from attacks through the pass, a legacy from its previous incarnation as Eastgate.

Vathula is also the seat of government for the Dukedom of the Eastrange, headed by none other than Duke Bob.  It continues to grow as a city and thrive, expanding itself both as a military and commercial power in the region.

While the aboveground portions of the city maintain many of the accustomed features of human cities, Vathula is surprisingly deep.  As more members of subterranean and quasi-subterranean races made their way to the city, more accommodation for their preferences and needs were required.  While Vathula’s underground thoroughfares, shops, industries, and housing are meager by the standards of The City of the Living Stone, they are nonetheless extensive and ever-expanding.  The underground borders of the city extend much farther into the mountains than the aboveground portions, but the two main tunnels connecting the city network to the mountain tunnels are at least as well-defended, with gates, guards, and a variety of defensive positions.  A distrustful or suspicious person might suspect the Duke of Vathula does not trust the citizens of his duchy to be peaceful.