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Numenae is the Karvalen word for their gods.  They are beings of great power and generally without physical form.  They feed on the energy produced by sapient creatures, but only if that energy is attuned to their energy-state existence in some way.  Typically, this...


Literally, “a spirit in the service of light.”  One of many terms for a class of beings loosely grouped as “angels” in Rethven cosmology.


Wizard. One who works with the stuff of magic in an improvised fashion, generally creating less-powerful effects of great versatility.


Magician.  One who works with the stuff of magic in a ritualized fashion, working from a book or from memory to duplicate an established, proven spell.  Such practitioners generally achieve quite powerful effects, but must know a spell suitable to the occasion to be...


Sorcerer. One who has allowed a demon to occupy his body in order to gain a specific magical power.